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L4008A1015 Honeywell Aquastat

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L4008A1015 Honeywell  Aquastat

Product Specifications

Hazmat Information
UN1294 Toluene
High or Low limit
Dimensions (in.)
Case--5 5/8 in. high x 2 in. wide x 2 1/8 in. deep
Dimensions (mm)
Case--143 mm high x 51 mm wide x 54 mm deep
Temperature Range (F)
Maximum Ambient--150 F
Temperature Range (C)
Maximum Ambient--66 C
5 1/2 ft (1.7 m) capillary
Horizontal or Vertical
Electrical Ratings
Millivolt--0.25 A @ 0.25 to 12 Vdc; At Full Load-- 8A @ 120 Vac: 5.1A @ 240 Vac; At Locked Rotor-- 48A @ 120 Vac: 30.6A @ 240 Vac
Approvals, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
UL Component Recognized: File No. MP466, Vol. 6, Sec.1, Guide No. MBPR2
Approvals, Canadian Standards Association
Certified: File No. LR95329-1
Operating Temperature Range (F)
100 F to 240 F
Operating Temperature Range (C)
38 C to 116 C
Bulb Size (in.)
3/8 in. x 2 7/8 in. copper
Bulb Size (mm)
10 mm x 73 mm copper
Differential Temperature (F)
5 F to 30 F adj.
Differential Temperature (C)
3 C to 17 C adj.
Switching Action
SPST, contacts break on temperature rise.
Capillary Length (in.)
66 in.